Tones And I

tom: C
C                 F           Am                                                                      
Sweet talks on a Sunday afternoon
                 C             F             Am                                                             
Never hold you down, all the wilds and the truth
       C                   F              Am                                                                
And I know that you'll remember me‚ oh‚ back in time
          F         G                   Am                                                                
But you stay on my‚ oh, you stay on my mind
C               F                        Am                                                                 
Wild weeks, no sleep‚ now you're colourblind
                    C        F        Am                                                                    
But you're always there to share a smile
       C                   F                                                                             
And I know sometimes get rough
You feel like you've been left behind
          F          G                  Am                                                                
But you stay on my, oh,you stay on my mind
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