Cifra Club

Spider Planet

Trance To The Sun

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Floating around the little planet
Like a tea tray in the sky
Everything is so irrelevant
The fat lady sings.
Hey mommy look no hands just 8 legs
I'm an octopus, no just kidding I'm a spider "xxx"
Oh have I ensnared you little fly?
I didn't mean to guess I'll have to eat you
And your tomb will be so pretty
I'll come to visit you and you and you and you and you
Is there anyone moving towards the speed of light around here?
Wire me to this cross and tell me my name's October
I'm too drunk for these simple questions
Nemo means no one
And so no one you've become
And the music's carnival notes mark the moments passing crimes
Light bulb says yes but I say no so I wait
And I'm weighted by your ghost's sad face
I'm not Mary, nor a virgin but I'll sing you a song anyway
Captain Nemo swore that he'd never sleep under a cow again
And he'd never swallow leaves and burning embers.
He'd just leave his coat by the door
And drive away like the drunken sod he was
Coffee was never enough for him
Those sordid mornings, lipstick all over the carpet,
trashcan overflowing with hair.
An ice cold hand to say rise my friend
Have you ever seen the full moon rise?
You can discern the position of the sun
Which is otherwise a secret world conquest is a joke
You'd never see every mountain every beach every flower
But you can see every part of me if you like.
Be yours forever my dearest…

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Outros vídeos desta música
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