Since I Am So Sick


tom: Em Afinação: E A D G B E
Em               D
  Since I am so sick,
Em               D
  Since I am in need,
Em               D                Cadd9
  Since I have no healing within me

[Chorus 1]
Am7               B7
  Oh, my God, be mindful of me
              Em        D    Cadd9
  You are my help and my Redeemer

[Verse 2]
Em              D  Em
  Unto You, oh Lord,
Em              D
  I lift up my soul,
Em                 D            Cadd9
  In Your loving-kindness I believe

[Chorus 2]
Am7                 B7
  Surely those who wait on You
     Em    D       Cadd9
  Will never be ashamed

[Chorus 3]
Am7                 B7
  All of those who fall on You
                  Em          D        Cadd9
  Will know the faithfulness of Your name
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