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Love Never Dies

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: C
The day starts, the day ends
F           C
Time crawls by
C                Am         G
Night steals in, pacing the floor
The moments creep,
            C        Am
Yet I cant bear to sleep
Am               G
Till I hear you sing

And weeks pass, and months pass
F        C
Seasons fly
C               Am                G
Still you dont walk through the door
And in a haze
             C      Am
I count the silent days
Am               G         C
Till I hear you sing once more.

And sometimes at night time
Em                      G
I dream that you are there
Am                                Bb   G
But wake holding nothing but the empty air

And years come, and years go
F          C
Time runs dry
C            Am           G
Still I ache down to the core
My broken soul
         C         Am
Cant be alive and whole
Am               G         C
Till I hear you sing once more

And music, your music
Em               G
It teases at my ear
  Am                         Bb        G
I turn and it fades away and youre not here

Let hopes pass, let dreams pass
F         C
Let them die
C             Am            G
Without you, what are they for?
Ill always feel
C             G       Am
No more than halfway real
Am              G         C
Till I hear you sing once more
Composição de Andrew Lloyd Webber / Glenn Slater
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Nathan Buzzatto
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