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Fuck Da Bulls

Young Money

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

yea cut it up gimme a light
yea n by the way nigga
its young mula firts lady...

[Nicki Minaj]
um yo yo
let us begin wit a bad little specimen
but lenciak only things i be steppin in
poochie baby suits only thing im dressin in
cuz i get wetter than a navy seals veteran
got em writin love letters in they jour-nal
even when its hoes like a midget at the urinal
bbbbb bad as i wanna be
she aint bad she a sad little wanna be

yea Fuck da bullshit
its big money poppin
young mula
yea jus like dat
waddup young nigga
lets go

[Gudda Gudda]
ok we runnnin this shit
when we walk in the buildin
got bitches from wall to wall hoes hangin from the ceiling
young money we bout to kill em
i promise i'll make a million
n if dey didnt have no hands i bet them bitches gone feel em
im talkin money n power
you gettin money? i doubt it
fresher than baby powder
wit yo bitch in the shower
dat pussy ima devower
i beat it up til its sour
no need fa you to even trip bitch i'll be done in an hour lets go!

(Dats more like it)
Dey day the blacker the berry the redder the cherry
i say the sweeter it is ya digg burried
den the bullshit varies n it got me wary
but i know two of the same call it murdered n married
hustlin is so necessary wit no adversary
but it aint no love like a calender wit no february
ima need 4 secretaries n 4 bloody marys
ima go eat me sum pussy n choke off the cherry
(im gone)

Yea fully loaded wit it
to the ceilin wit it
mo money than ya ever seen nigga
aite drizzy

Kill da game no one recovers the murder weapon
young angel if you hate me tell me burn in heaven
i just sleep on me the highest earn a freshmen
like ya third infection i hope you learned ya lesson
yea i spit raw but i prefer protection
i own a heart and a mind and a shirt she slept in
bitch i got tha asnwer n still aint heard the question
i shut ya club down please reserve my section
fuck a confrontation derre aint no cake in it
n im cakin bitch so tell me why i take a break from it
the mother of yo child always tell you im her favorite
she call me her baby not the one she was in labor with
she say ew you taste good i say ew jus savor it
she know dat she love a nigga i be on dat major shit
cuz i get paid to stand n i get paid to sit
so i dont walk around wit money baby girl im made of it

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