The Name Lives On

David Phelps

 David Phelps
Tom: G
Intro: D Bm A

G                                         D
It stands to reason that a name is just a word.
	   G		     Bm
It can be easily forgotten just as soon as it is heard.
    Em				     D/F#	
But one name was spoken before the world's first day
		G			   G						
And it will be here when everything that is has passed away.


Delivered from the lips of God
To Mary's ears on angel wings 
Bm	A
Jesus, Jesus.
The word that came to life for us. 
The song that all creation sings.
Bm	A
Jesus, Jesus.
	      G				 A	  Bm
The proudest nations of the earth have come and gone
    Em A		   C G D
But Jesus, the name lives on.

	  G			     D
When I'm awakened by a terrifying dream
G				 Bm
And desperation reaches up and clutches me
	Em			   D/F#	
When I am so afraid that I don't know what to pray
	G			      G
I simply speak it and feel it and it chases fear away.


C				G
Eternal hope and promise, the ever-breaking dawn
Em			    B
When time itself is over, the name lives on.

Chorus: sobe 1 tom
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