Elvis Costello

Riot act

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Tom: C
A   Dm    A               Dm   A
        Dm      C            F
Doesn't mean forever anymore
A Dm        A     
I said forever
               Dm                      C                 F
But it doesn't look like I'm gonna be around much anymore
D                  G
When the heat gets so tropical
Bm               Em
And the talk gets  so topical

D          D/C                 Bm7 
Riot act - you can read me the riot act
Bbmaj7            Em7
You can make me a matter of fact
Or a villain in a million
  Em7                         A
A slip of the tongue is gonna keep me civilian ]

C#m             C              Bm
Why do you talk such stupid nonsense
            Bb               A
When my mind could rest much easier
C#m        C                  Bm
Instead of all this dumb dumb insolence
           Bb              A
I would be happier with amnesia

A    Dm         A
They say forget her
                         Dm                C                F
Now it looks like you're either gonna be before me or against me
A  Dm          A
I  got your letter
               Dm                 C             F
Now they say I don't care for the color that it paints me
D               G
Trying to be so bad is bad enough
Bm            Em
Don't make me laugh by talking tough
D              G
Don't put your heart out on your sleeve
When your remarks are off the cuf

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