Tom: A

              D9                     E
Things never happen like I wish they could

Only in my dreams

                    D9                 E
I've never been willing to give up my heart

Or let myself believe

             Bm                E               A9     C#m7
I have been waiting all of my life just for tonight

Thhis time I'm holping

                E                      A9
Holding out for You to let me see the light


                D9           E
So make me a believer  Who-o-o

                A9      C#m7
For once in my life

Right Here and now

Touch me somehow

             A9       C#m7
Let it be tonight

It's all on the line

I'm down on my knees

              F#m                  A9
I don't know how but I'm ready to see

              D9                    E
Clear every shadow of dobout in my life

'Cause I want o believe

Agora são as mesmas notas, apenas a letra muda

I've been siting here staring at the rain

All alone tonight

Something about You is making me smile

With tears in my eyes

Maybe You've noticed

Mabe You can tell what's happening to me

But when You say my name and touch my heart again

It's aking me belive


Agora esse final eu não tenho a cifra

Why can't this be

One of the times

When I can see

With open eyes

Shine Your light

I'll never forget

For the rest of my life
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Composição: Toby Penner and Eldon Winter
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Contribuição: beta schmidt
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