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2 Step

Dave Matthews Band


Tabs: OK guys here is my version of 2 Step. I took it from Listener

On LS the violin plays this part but you can play it on guitar.

Then at the :15 mark, Dave plays this.
For later use we'll call this Intro 2.

Dave begins to play this at the 2:20 mark
We'll call this Intro 3.

After this, he begins to play the first intro at the 2:37 mark and he
plays that until the verse starts. Now for the lyrics and chords.
At the end of this are the chord definitions.

Dm Bb C F Bb Am Gm
Hey my love I came to you with best intentions
Dm Bb C F
You laid down and gave to me just what
Bb Am Gm F
I'm seeking I say
Bb Am Gm F
Love you drive me to distraction

Now Boyd begins to pluck the violin. I don't have that down so Dave
plays Intro 3 over the solo.

Dm Bb C F
Oh my love do you believe that we
Bb Am Gm Dm Bb C F
Might last a thou sand years or more if not for this
Bb Am Gm F
Our flesh and blood it ties
Bb Am Gm F
You and me right up time we celebrate oh

C Gm Bb Am F
Celebrate we will
F C Gm Bb Am
Cuz life is short but sweet for certain
F C Gm Bb Am F
Hey we climb on two by two
F C Gm Bb Am
To be sure these days continue
F Bb Am Gm Dm
Things we can not change
Once again Boyd plucks a solo so play Intro 3 over top of it.

Dm Bb C F
Oh my love you came to me like wine
Bb Am Gm Dm
Comes to that mouth
Bb C F
Grown tired of water all the time
Bb Am Gm F
You quench my heart and love
Bb Am Gm F
You quench my mind and celebrate oh

The chorus is then played twice the same way as above.

Dave then sings verse 1 again. He plays the same rhythm but he messes
around with the words a little bit and makes it kind of complicated so
sorry about that. Just play it the same way as verse 1.

He then plays the chorus 2 more times before they go into the piano

Once the piano jam starts you play the third intro the entire way
through it.

Now here are the chords:
Dm C Bb F Am Gm

Well that is pretty much all of it. I hope this works out for you
guys. Let me know if you have any questions or problems. Have fun!!


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