Cifra Club

As I Lift You Up

Jeff Deyo

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: Ab
Verse 1: 
G#         Cm
I'm reaching up 
I'm reaching out 
To be with You, Lord 
I wanna be with You now 
G#               Cm
There's nothing quite like 
Your voice in my ear 
It's gentle and soft 
You know it's honest and real 
I open my hands 
And I open my heart 
G#                   Eb
As I lift You up from the earth 
Won't You draw me in 
      Fm       Eb
Won't You pull me close 
G#                   Eb
As I lift Your name to the Heavens 
Won't You call me home 
      Fm       Eb       G#
Won't You call everyone to Your throne 
      Fm     Eb       G#
Won't You draw everyone to Your throne 
Verse 2: (same as verse 1) 
If it is true 
Then how can it be 
The thing You want most 
From me is intimacy 
I try in my power 
To give you enough 
But first what You ask 
Is that I give You my love 
Bbsus2    Bbº
Come make me all that You want me to be 
Bbsus2      Bbº
My praises working that all would believe 
Bbsus2     Bbº         F#
Change us for all of eternity 
(change key) 
Bb                    F
As is lift you up from the earth  
       Cm           Gm     F
Won't you draw me in wont you hold me close 
Bb                    F
as i lift your name to the heavens 
wont you call me home 
      Gm      F       Bb
wont you call everyone to your throne
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Outros vídeos desta música
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