As Any Fool Can See

Tracy Lawrence

Composição de: Kenny Beard / Paul Nelson
tom: G Afinação: E A D G B E
intro:  G Em  G  Em  G  Em 
     G                          C                      Em 
1.  lately she's been pickin' fights, droppin' hints and just last night 
2.  how long did i think she'd stand for me to be the kind of man 
     Am                                                      D   C  G 
1.  i caught a tear as she slipped off to sleep,  she's not here, 
2.  that came and went just as i dang well pleased,  while she sits 
             C                     Em                             C 
1.  but she's not gone,  i guess she must be waitin on, 
2.  at home alone with thoughts and feelin's of her own, 
     F                                                    D 
1.  the kind of man i promised her i'd be, 
2.  lord knows goodbye would bring me to my knees, 
                             G                          C 
as any fool can see, she's gonna cross that line, shes got leavin' 
    C                      Am                 C 
Dsus   D 
on her mind, and it's too late but what keeps killin' me____ 
                 F                       D                            G 
Em  G  Em  G 
is knowin' I've been blind, as any fool can see. 
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