I Want Your Love


Verse 1-I love you
And you say you love me
I really need you
And I want your body
I will not rush you
I will give you time
You're all I want
And you're all mine

Chorus-I want your body
I want your love
But if you're not ready
I'll respect that love
But I hope you know
You're all that I'm
Thinking of

Verse 2-I'll buy you roses and put them on them on the bed
I'll make it pretty and I'll make 'em red
I'll serve you wine
Nothing but the best
You look so luscious
Girl! You're puttin me to the test


Verse 3-You know I want it
You know I need it
I'll be gentle
And I'll just do it nice and slow
How much I love you
You'll never know
I been waiting
For a very long time
But if you still need some time (time)
That'll be fine
Just let me know when you're ready
When you make up your mind


Bridge-Don't rush
Just for me
Because we're in love
And we will always be
So just meet me in my bedroom
And I'll lay you down
And no matter what happens
I'll always be around

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