Feel It

Sister Hazel

Composição de: Ryan Newell / Andrew Copeland / Kenneth Alan Block / Jeff Beres / Mark Trojanowski
tom: D Afinação: E A D G B E

So how you play out these chords pretty much looks like this in a tab:


If that makes any sense! pull of 3-2-0 while you strum the D chord and then 
hammer on again! 

Just remember always go G - D - C7 - D then repeat. 
To the song, he starts of just down stroke once on the chords in beginning 
and build up towards the chorus. Anyway best of luck!
Leave a comment below if you wonder anything!

G - D - C7 - D x4

G            D           C7      D
There's been days I've fallen
G                   D                   C7        D
And walked away the times I should have stayed.
  G                 D                  C7   D
I looked away, yeah looked away ... so far away -
    G                D            C7       D
and when you asked I said I'm not afraid. 

C7              D          
But now I can't hold it - hold it
C7                           D
Flash a frozen smile when it boils down inside.
C7             D
No now I can't hold it - hold it
Just a little crack ...
And then the walls come tumblin' down 

      G    D   C7                 D
And I Feel It. It's my time don't try to steal it.
G    D   C7      D
Feel it. Reach inside
G    D   C7                D
Feel it. If you ask well I won't conceal it.
G    D   C7                   D              G
Feel it. I used to wonder but now I finally know ... 

G             D             C7     D
Papa said the sun it also rises.
G                    D                C7    D
But when I turn it's falling from the sky.
   G                 D             C7    D
It slips away - yeah slips away So far away.
    G                 D            C7    D
And leaves me staring only at the night. 
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