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Dancing To The Rhythmn

Stevie Wonder

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: D
Bm Em7  
Lonely, my life used to be lonely, lonely like the lonely single number one 
G Bm Em7  
Lonely like the lone-ly sun, Without a single Iota to shine upon........ 
Crying, deep inside I was crying, like the muddy Mississippi, my tears 
Carrying with it my lonely soul, leaving no clue of who where of what I 
would become... 

Refrão -------------
G A7 D G Bm 
Oh, how I longed to be possessed by one somebody 
G G G A7  
To hold me, control me, show me what I should do with my broken life 
G A7 D G Bm 
But oh, was I lifted when I let your light shine in my body 
G G G A  
A Em 
Then I shed my sorrows for joy, love, and you in my, my, my life 
Em F#m Em D Bm D Em 
I'm dancing to the rhythm of your love 
Em F#m Em D Bm D Em 
Singing sweet melodies of your sweet, sweet love 
Em F#m Em D Bm G F#m Em Bm G F#m Em 
Forever grateful for your love
Money, oh how did I have money, Enough to last me from start til the end of 
With some more to leave behind, and yet I was a cent-less pauper in 
I can, feel the very presence of your love here, though I've never seen the 
pleasure of  
your smile 
No, I've never touched your hand And yet you've given me eternal happiness 
Chorus and fade
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