Jack White

 Jack White
Tom: G

    D           C
G|----------2-----0-----0---| x4

Piano Riff

    D        C         G        D
G|-2--2-----0--0------0--0-----2----------| x2 (repeats during verses)

D                C                 G                D
I had my dream I held your hand on that broad avenue
D                       C              G                 D
We crossed the road And never spoke to another as we flew
D                C             G                   D
We left your man alone in drag laughing there at us
D                 C              G                    D
A romantic bust a blunder turned explosive blunderbuss

(D C G D)(x4) (drums enter)

piano riff

D                C                G               D
An ancient grand hotel of Persian thread and ivory
D                       C                 G                 D
And when your man would turn his head I'd see you look at me
D                  C              G                    D
Pools of brown and sea of red and demons in your pocket
D                 C                 G                        D
That same romance Performed a dance inside your silver locket

D  C  G    D
Da da da da
D  C  G    D
Da da da da

D                 C              G                        D
A corner exit not tall enough to walk out standing straight
D                  C                    G                      D
Designed by men so ladies would have to lean back in their gate
D                      C                G                      D
You grabbed my arm and left with me but you were not allowed to
D                C               G                 D
You took me to a public place to quietly blend into

D            C                    G                        D
Such a trick pretending not to be doing what you want to do
D              C                   G                  D
But seems like everybody does this every waking moment

(D C G D)(x2)

piano riff

D                   C                    G                    D
I laid you down and touched you like the two of us both needed
D                C                G                          D
Safe to say that others might not approve of this and pleaded
D                     C                G                       D
So selfish them would be their cry and who'd be brave to argue?
D              C              G                D
Doin' what tWO people need is never on the menu

(D C G D)(x2)

D  C  G    D
Da da da da
D  C  G    D
Da da da da
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Composição: Jack White
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Contribuição: Joaquim
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