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I keep the hoes on my lap similar to Kris Kringle
'Til my dick wiggles then that bitch giggles and her tits jiggle
Riddle foes with littles tiny holes full of metal
Sentimental bitches wish that I would love 'em for they mental
Exponential rate of change, turn brains to Jell-O puddin'
Put a foot inside that ass, get blasted just for lookin'
Look around, there's a new supervillain in town
Buildin' up then smash you to the ground, kill the Kings steal the crown
Force field shield with sound, I'll project with sonic waves
Vomit sprays when I radiate rappers with gamma rays
Many ways they could die, 6 million to be precise
Put the money in the bag, save your children and your wife
I can kill it on the mic, I be chillin' every night
Make a killi'’s 'til I kill a motherfucker for his Nikes
It's the skill that people bite, they lightheaded like they fightin'
With Mike Tyson, don't let it, get beheaded on site

Yo I'm a wand wavin' wizard, I'm a snow blowin' blizzard
Flow is wicked, hoes addicted to the potent potion liquid
Coatin' bitches' throats and don't bother tryin' to hang up your coats
Take your Coach bag, grab a cab and peace, adios
Ap's the most high, high like the kind when you overdose
Overthrow King's thrones, I'm the King of the dopest flow
Dopest in dope, not dopamine, the dope mean the smoke
I'll leave ya broke like a broken nose, not broke as in dough
Or the lack of, strangle ya bitch throat with a black glove
Buryin' bodies in my backyard, it's what Ap love
I'm long gone, heart colder than Megatron
Cold as an Eminem song with Em droppin' an N-Bomb
I'm slick as Enron; I'll leave ya entrails on
The outside of ya body, body bag you on your front lawn
Call me Mr. Spock, I got logic on lock
Y'all ain't runnin' the block, you just one of the flock

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