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Natsu no Kakera (Piece of Summer)

Aqua Timez

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Sweet missed pieces of a summer
still shared in my immature heart
that time, all dreams were reflected in these eyes
at the moment when I wanted to fly in the sky, I closed my eyes

Before anyone knows, Ive completely forgot
those flying-in-the-sky matters
Ive become so skillful in telling lies and excuses
The dreams key was put away in the depth of my heart

I wonder what things were lost
and in contrary what things were in my grip
although it wasnt an unhappy sharing
somehow I spilled a sigh

when were in the remote past
under that sky of summer
all things seemed glittering
again, theres an unheard singing voice
that suffused with light

from the end of the story weve read through
we go towards and look at the beginning
while peruse at the reason of our sorrow
theres also our encountering with other people
in the depth of a fading love
the couple that has no idea about the future
draw a graffiti of the limited love theyre thinking of
without realizing that that wall was a dead passage

yet the inserted bookmark
with its usual fleeting light crimson color
raises in the joy of by-chance meeting and the expectation of tomorrow
we close our eyes and sleep soundly

when were in the remote past
we passed our tattered promises as if there our treasures
again, theres a dim charm
of a name called eternity

when were in the remote past
with a rusted bicycle
we climbed that hill road

the blooming of the flower
the blowing of the wind
at that time, the sun also
constantly illuminated the world
the adolescent
now also keep lasting in silence
under the autumns perfectly-clear sky

Composição de Futoshi
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Débora Caldas

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