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Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
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tom: G
E             Gdim7          B           G#     F#7
  Just another     microcosm   somewhere in the ether
E                  Gdim7       C#m7 A      F#7
Putting a world to rights with Bing Crosby eyes
A     G#              C#m7
  Oversharing and its bitter aftertaste
  A               G#        C#m7
Exactly the wrong time in exactly the wrong place
     A              G#
Save it for a rainy day
          C#m7           C#7
Baby, you go hard in the paint
     F#7                     B
It's just another race to anyways

E               Gdim7
  Philanthropic toga party
B        G#        F#7      E                 Gdim7             C#m7 A     F#7
  What a place for both the opposite sides of my double life to finally collide
A         G#            C#m7
  Sharing secrets I was taking to the grave
 A                 G#        C#m7
Nosebleeds from epiphanies I took full in the face
    A               G#                C#m7       C#7
Oh, come all by the fire, babe, let's all participate
   F#7                    B
In yet another race to anyways
    E                        Gdim7             B    G#    F#7
Oh, how's your Mum and Dad been doing with the generation gap?


    E                 Gdim7             F#m7     B7       Emaj7

    E                 Gdim7          F#m7    B7              Emaj7  E7

     A              Am7-5
Yeah,  I'm behind my    movie camera
G#m7             C#m7
  I've got my megaphone
  You can call me Alexander
It's nice to meet you all

E                  Gdim7
  Listening to the Shipping Forecast
B         G#     F#7
  Driving to the airport
Me and the guys
   Gdim7    C#m7  A      F#7
Metropolis ablaze in the rear view
A                          E
  Devising methods to both have and eat your cake
A                                     E
  Mmm, just like the ones that Mother Nature used to bake
    A              G#           C#m7           C#7
You look as if you know exactly what I'm gonna say
   F#7                  Am
Is just another race to
   E         D# E
Composição de Alex Turner
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