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Stop Smoking

Dar Williams

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

It's the start of a new life day.
Oh yeah, right, like I haven't heard that one before.
You know everything I try to quit I only want it some more.
So I let the weeds grow up, call them flowers of the common man.
But in my head, in my head, I can hear the gentle voices say,

'Stop smoking, take a deep breath and stop smoking
Then you can take more deep breaths, stop smoking.
Spend a few more days with your family and friends.
And if you want to keep hitting that high note, stop smoking.

And I won't do it for another soul.
No it's gotta be me. I want to say when and where
there's a mountain to climb.
And thank you very much, I want to waste my own time.
After his way and her way, and they left me in the darkest allies.
But it's time. I guess it's time, cause the voice is getting stronger still.
'Stop smoking, time to reach for higher realms, stop smoking.
Time to boycott Jesse Helms, stop smoking.
And then you can check 'NO' when they ask if you smoke.
And all that stuff feels great, stop smoking.

Well there's a door I ran away from for every door I tried.
And now I got my guilty conscience and I got my guilty pride.
And now you tell me that the world needs my hot , my wildest dreams.
And all that my mending bones and unschooled heart have to give.

So, big surprise, I just stopped smoking.
Yeah, la dee dah, now don't remind me. I think I'm going insane.
But I got the guts to leave the cult of beautiful pain.
Where I danced with seven veils of mysterious pollution.
And it's hard, I think it's hard, trying to find a life that I can live.
Janis Joplin, great spirit lost the wheel, stop running.
The center could not feel, start feeling.
I know life can make and break an acid queen.
Us great spirits gotta watch it, stop smoking.

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  • Alberto Junior

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