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American Flag Umbrella

Derek Webb

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

I'm building a house on the limb
I need something that could stop a war
but i'm beset on all sides
by extremist with eyes on my heart

So I lie to everyone
and I've lied to so many lovers
and I've gotten away with it too
But if God is against us then who can be for us my friends
there's justice for everyone

and please take your hands off my brother
please take your laws off my lover
the agents of law should always be blind and on time
till there's freedom for everyone

and where are your american brothers
american before they were named
they're a huddling mass
no oceans to cross for our shores
where there's fortune for everyone

oppression is always oppression
no matter the reasons or means
for skin or for sex
by stares or by fists
it's the same
there's blinders on everyone

I've looked through the eyes of my father
and I've walked through Lincoln's backyard
and there's still a backseat
when you ride on the bus through this town
there's color on everyone.

So we lie beneath the tree of no color
with an American flag umbrella
it keeps the elements out
and it's stuck to the ground in this place
and there's room for everyone

oh I know a way out of hell
we raise all our enemies children
after they've murdered ours
we fix all their scars to our walls
there's heartbreak for everyone

and in the end it will all be okay
that's what the wise men tell us
so if it's not okay
then it's not the end oh my friend
there's hope for everyone

Composição de Derek Webb
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Paulo Alegre

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