Cifra Club

Let's Smoke

Domo Genesis

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

I must have coughed my damn lungs out
Still smoking everyday nigga, cause i'm strung out
Fly the fuck out, this what all the fuss bout
Niggas got dumb clout and we took the fun route
Lounging niggas despising every move
But the wolves is out and everything is looking edible
With easing all of the pussy up on the pedestal
Send em back woozy from smoking all of the medical
Peeping in my rear view i'm just so far ahead of you
It's looking like the future from all the raps that i'm telling you
Raps like crack it's like my situation federal, i'm telling you
Sick need a whole gallon of theraflu
Cliche, yeah, but the bitches think it's susceptible
They tell me domo ain't no real niggas left except for you
You kill it every single time you get a chance to
And i reply, ain't that the damn truth

All of this money and all of these hoes
All of these bright lights and all of these shows
All of these wild nights, life on the road
Is all the shit i was dreaming before so lets smoke

On a high end hiatus i went retail ridiculous
Bought to get a grill, so i can act mad niggerish
Six hundred for a belt, still sag all ignorant
Bitch i'm from oddfuture obvious i don't give a shit
Young niggas gettin it
Make sure you hearing me
Trying to get paid, banks stupider then hilary
And all these hating niggas talking down be killin me
I promise to never be lame as the niggas dissin me
Same nigga i just handle biz a lil differently
Outdo who? i run shit little nigga please
Compare to my averages you little league
Kicking brag raps at least gotta have a little cheese
I'm fenna be the most outspoken
Hey your favorite nigga out, i'm so focused
But in the meantime i'm a chill in ? and be the very best thing smoking, closin

Yeah nigga odd future wolf gang nigga
Yeah dog i ain't got that mean today
I'm too high for this shit
Domo genesis, under the influence

I don't know i'm too high for this shit dog, i ain't really got it in me, no homo

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Outros vídeos desta música
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  • Bruno Rôla

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