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Mind Games

Domo Genesis

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

I'm never good with these names so i never call her that
Triple cross into third bade how far is that
The worst case in the first place is not the fact
That you sitting infatuation but filled high enough to catch a fucking heart attack
She said she's scared that i'll fuck and never call her back
She's probably right but i kept it g and remained a mack
Had a little chat now we're right back where we started at
I guess i gotta knack from words her guard's down flat
She wanna get a little higher i'm bout that
Hit it in good zone for a second and then i bounce back
Barely no where high is where we find middle ground at
Her mind wide open as the ocean so i pound that
Nice and easy hoping that no feelings get around that
I got a flight to catch and ain't no telling when i'm coming back
Young heart breaker but no malice in my heart
Is that i can't tell if she likes me or just want me for my ball of stacks
So i play my role now i got my own garden tap
Play it way safe, satisfied with the art of that
Maybe i could change but i just don't know where to start with that
In a case of mind games i guess we all apart of that

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Outros vídeos desta música
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  • Bruno Rôla

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