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This Ain't Tennessee

Garth Brooks

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
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tom: E (forma dos acordes no tom de D) Capotraste na 2ª casa
Capo 2nd at first 
Intro: D A D G 
It's a big estate 
With wrought iron gates 
G                        D 
And palm trees standing tall 
G                        D 
Fancy mirrors and chandleirs 
Asus               A 
Comfort wall to wall 
D                     A 
And the ocean air is so crisp and clear 
G                   D 
And they rave about our view 
G                           A 
But there ain't no mountain breeze 
G            D/F#             A 
And there ain't no hickory trees 
G         D/F#         A 
And this ain't Tennessee 
               D     A 
And she ain't you 
There's a bedroom suite 
Where she comes to me 
G                            D 
And as her fingers touch my face 
G                        D 
I close my eyes and I fantasize 
Asus                A 
Of another time and place 
G                             D 
What she feels is so warm and real 
G                      A 
And I know her love is true 
G             D/F#          A 
And she tries so hard to plese 
G          D/F#           A 
Still I think sometimes she sees 
G          D/F#         A    
That this ain't Tennessee 
And she ain't you 
G                           D 
It's not thatit's not good enough 
G                          D 
And it's not that I'm not man enough 
G                        D 
There's just something easy going that I love 
      A               G 
about you and tennessee 
(Slide the Capo to the 3rd fret) 
D                     A 
So I made up my mind to learn my lines 
G                    D 
And try to play the part 
G                     D 
But part of me is in Tennessee 
And deep down in my heart 
D                           A 
I miss my Smokey Mountain home 
G                     D 
And I miss your lovin too 
G             D/F#       A 
And it's deep inside of me 
G           D/F#          A 
And it's always going to be 
G           D/F#         A 
Cause this ain't tennessee 
And she ain't you
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