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Morten Harket

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: D
Bm        C            C#m
See the tension in your face
            C              Bm
Feel the nerves when we embrace
         C             Bm
What emotions do you hide?
            C              C#m
All those years of silent thought
Betrayed by those whose help
You sought
          C               Bm
Exiled, lost and forced inside

A       F#m
If you want me
         G              D
I will listen to your words
     Bm               F#m
The dreams you have deferred
The battles fought
A      F#m
If it helps to
              G             D
Take me to those dark extremes
     Bm              F#m
The meaning of your dreams
The way you've thought

Just talk
          A    E F#m A E
I'm listening

Just talk

Bm            C               C#m
I know your tastes in food and wine
              C                 Bm
But never really what's on your mind
         C                   Bm
What's going on inside your head?
Bm           C                C#m
I hear you say what you can or can't
            C                 Bm
I'm never sure what it is you want
          C                     Bm
There's always something left unsaid

Bm           C               C#m
We ride the waves of joy and fear
           C               Bm
I see you on the brink of tears
          C               Bm
I never know how you'll react
            C             C#m
Then the sudden laughter rings
           C               Bm
The sun is shining, life begins
   C                 Bm
Happiness could be a fact

A                     E
I will listen to your hopes
I will listen to your dreams
E                 F#m
Anything you want to be
Believe me

A                    E
I will listen to you now
Then again and all the while
E                       F#m
I wanna see you smile again
Oh, yeah
I'm listening
Composição de Chris Lowe / Neil Tennant
Colaboração e revisão:
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