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Waiting For A Train

Johnny Cash

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: F
F    C7        F     F7 
All around the water tank 
Bb      Bbm   F 
Waiting for a train 
  Bb              F        Em 
A thousand miles away from from 
G7              C7 
Sleeping in the rain 
  F         C7   F         F7 
I pulled up to a freightman 
        Bb         Bbm     F 
Just to give him a line of talk 
   Bb              F 
He said if you got money 
     G7       C7        F 
I'll see that you don't walk 
     F        C7    F     F7 
Well I havent got a nickel 
      Bb          A7 
Not a penny can I show 
   Bb               F 
He said get off you railroad bum 
       G7           C7     F 
And he slammed that boxcar door 
Well he put me off in Texas 
In a state I dearly love 
The wide open spaces all around me 
Ther moon and stars above 
Nobody seems to want me 
Or to lend me a helping hand 
I'm on my way from Frisco 
Headin back to Dixieland 
My pocket book is empty 
And my heart is full of pain 
Im a thousand miles away from home 
Waitin for a train
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    Composição: Jimmie Rodgers

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