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Welcome to the show my friends, the show that never starts or ends
Good to see you back again, inside come inside
We are here for one and all, here to have a godamn ball
Get up and dance and don't you stall, get up off that fucked up wall
Rhymes to the lyrics and lyrics to the rhymes
Devastating drummer on the drums one time
One MC let's start with me, Stevie Bee

Make em up as I go along,
Will amaze keeps rockin on
He busts the beat and you know it's strong
We are by his drums where you belong
All the time when I'm on the mike
Doing something I know you like
Say the rhymes any shit you like

Typically speaking in an ordinary manner
Is it possible to do so amongst everyone socially
Don't deal with me coz I don't give a shit man

Stop that bass and stop that snare
Let me fill my lungs with air
Count to four, one two three four
Ride on the rhythm again once more

Stevie Bee, alright that's me
I'm a devastating MC as close as can be
Chilling on my jack before chilling in my pad
I'm a sore monkey ass when I start to get mad

Wait a minute wait a while, wait a godamn second
Let me state the facts and all the things we're gyrating I'm typically addicted and I'm an easy kind of man but I'm a different kind of man when the mike is in my hand man
Oh won't you believe me, oh do you see me

Beats will amaze and never see me
Bass in your face keep out of my case
And a bottle of Tequila that's the sum of my taste
Making lots of money while the going is easy yeah
Smoking lots of smoke you know it's good to please me yeah
Aint a record that's as good as this lately
Makes a lot of suckers who always going to hate me
Here's another rhyme for all the people out the back
Keep your fat greasy hands off my black Cadillac

One fresh drummer you know you can rate
Down with the Phew with a smile on my face Let it be known let it be said Maroon Town are Phew and I man dread

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