Cifra Club

Black Sheep


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Diferent taste, dark clouds
Nothing to hide
I´m not alone
I´m not fool myself
I´m not breaking rules
I just want to live my life this way

Livin´ day after day
Black Sheep Rise

Time is passing in front of your dead eyes
Am I wrong? Am I insane?
So close to realize
So far from stander life,
I´m not criticize, I´m denying.

What have we become? cosumer of shit.
we work so much, to help, to feed,
to build, the social apathy
Our life is a rape. We living in a fake.
We don´t neeed to go to church
to pray and pay for it
Why do you watch TV? Your hunger won´t feed
Why to care, to smile, to lick
the fuck celebrities?

Live me alone / Take care yourself
My life is mine / Never scared

Colaboração e revisão:
  • Guilherme Drigo

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