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L Am The Most Danger

Oman Freestyle

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

yo yo
l am the the most powerful
all them american idol judges think lam wonderful
for them niggez that think lam not
soon they will be pitteful
l will leave the harmful and force them to
call 1800 prince collect
if you dont l will be frorced to run up on you
and when fuck you upl will be through
if you are not scared you better because
this is true fool
l see pain in yoo eyes
you can't maintain the truth
that l am about
to kill yoo sorry ass
now l am in trouble turn the turn table on
l am getting cchassed by alot off cops
l will the americans most wanted nigger alive
now they are going to catch me like goldie
yoo mother fucker dont hold me
this is going to be a big case the gods face
now my nigges thing l am disscrass
in my own race the black race
when l get out of this jail l will sworn and kill any on
in a blue uniform
this wood won't be the same and
kill them cops when they are riding on there
big uncorn

ya thats right mothers fuckers
who mass with me
the prince

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Outros vídeos desta música
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  • Cristina Pacheco

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