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Cold Case Love


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Tom: G#
      Fm   Cm
On my roof
G#          Eb        Fm   Cm G# Eb
Dark & I'm burning a rose
             Fm    Cm
I don't need proof
G#        Eb          Fm   Cm G# Eb
I'm torn apart & you know
                Fm     Cm    G#
What you did to me was a crime
Eb        Fm   Cm G# Eb
Cold Case Love
            Fm      Cm         G#
& I let you reach me one more time
    Eb       Fm   Cm G# Eb
But that's enough

( Fm Cm G# Eb )

Your love is breaking the law
But I need a new witness
So wake me up when it's over
It don't make any difference
Will it ever be solved
Or am I taking the fall
Truth was there all along
Tell me how did we miss it

We opened up a
Cold case love
And it got the best of us
And now printed pictures
And white lines
Are all that's left
At the scene of a crime
Of a cold case love
Oh, oh, oh

Should've investigated
But love blinded eyes
Couldn't see, no
And then I tried to cage it
But your love ain't the kind
That you can keep

Release me now cause
I did my time
Of this cold case love
My heart's no longer cold
And confined
I've had enough
Oh, oh, oh

C#    Eb       Fm
  We lost our way
Cm             C#
Took this too far
Now I'll never find
    G# Eb/G Fm Cm C#
The pieces  of my heart
      Eb     Fm
We've lost enough
Cm             C#
Looking for a truth
         Bbm        Eb
That was here all along

( Fm  Cm  G#  Eb )

( Fm  Cm  G#  Eb )
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      Composição: James Fauntleroy II / Justin Timberlake / R. TadrossColaboração e revisão:
      • Carolliny D'Ávila
      • Rafaela Andrade

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