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The Truth


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Tell me have you seen our friend
I know she was here in the beginning
Somehow she was lost
Somehow we forgot to speak her name
And now she's changed
Her beautiful face now bitter and twisted
From deep in our hearts she was lifted by a thief in the night
While we slept, our eyes shut tight
Wake up, it's almost summer morning
Rub the sleep from your eyes
Wake up from your slumber deep
Gather those around together we'll seek

The truth the truth
We search for the truth
In hearts and minds we search in our lives
Take steps make time, one day we will find
The truth the truth

Here we sit on rush hour trains
I know you feel the stress of the day
Go ahead and hide behind those tales in black and white
When you finally get home they'll be waiting for you
Other people's lives, in full view
Indulge in your own distraction
To know your reactions to


Turn around and face it (truth the truth)
In our hearts embrace it (truth the truth)
'Cos if we are blind to the (truth the truth)
Close our minds to the (truth the truth)
Can we be free
There are those who for the (truth the truth)
Would die
'Cos they truly believe in

Composição: Geoff Wikinson Colaboração e revisão:
  • Roger moreira

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