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Van Halen

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: C

 Em           F         Em          G             F           C         G
Verse 1- 
Am                      F    G                    Am
World turns black and white, pictures in an empty room. 
F                        G            Am            
Your love starts fallin' down, better change your tune. 
     F                         G     Am              
Yeah, you reach for the golden ring, reach of the sky. 
         F             G
Baby just spread your wings, and get...

C                  Am7                         Em7            F
Higher and higher, Higher and higher, straight up we'll climb. 
          C           Am7                                Em7         F
We'll get higher and higher, higher and higher, leave it all behind. 

Verse 2- 
Run, run, run away, like a train runnin' off the track. 
Got the truth bein' left behind, fall between the cracks. 
Standin' on broken dreams, never losing sight. 
Ah! Well, just spread your wings. We'll get... 


         Em7      F
So baby, dry your eyes, 
     Am7                    G
save all the tears you've cried. 
     F          C          G
Oh, that's what dreams are made of. 
       Em7   F        Am7                  G
'Cause we belong in a world that must be strong. 
     F            C        G
Wo, that's what dreams are made of. 
(Instrumental solo ad. lib) 

Yeah, we'll get... 

    Em      F      Am7             G              
And in the end on dreams we will depend. 
        F           Am7    Bb      Am7   Bb  F  C/G
'Cause that's what love is made of.
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Composição de Alex Van Halen / Eddie Van Halen / Michael Anthony / Sammy Hagar
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