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Velvet Moon

Violet Tears

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

I buried uselessly that light in
the sky vastness…
Stone after stone to choke down its power.
The same light was aflame with
passion my every languid look for Short seconds and
lightened the heavy gloom of
my dull soul, among the stars,
through a window.
I threw up a carpet of
autumnal leafs, fresh and Scented petals of
purple roses To darken the bashfuler gleam.
The same light appeased and
look after my tormented sleep in
summer nights, cradling and caressing me with
velvet and fresh white hands.
I tried to catch this long and
golden-haired light in a plot ofv light and shade schemes,
painting in cold colours, while she was asleep,
the opal sky with mad and
desperate frieze of lies and with laced doodles of
resigned sadness.
Oh my lost sweet moon,
tomorrow one more second of your light voice,
of your ethereal song inebriates my breath
with your blow of jasmine in bloom,
drove by the salty breeze of
this enchanted night.
Laid your lips once again on mine and
raise my soul to you forever,
my moon, between sweet harp notes,
plucked from thin and angelic fingers.
All this night I want is
a velvet kiss of light from your lips.

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Outros vídeos desta música
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