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Blind Melon

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: D
[Intro] A  A4  A  A2
        A  A2  G  A6/F#
        D  G  A6/F#  A

 A      A4  A  A2  A  A2  G      G
I don't feel the suns com-min out today
 D         G             A
Stayin in,it's gonna find another way
A                     G
As I sit here in this misery, I don't think
     D              G             A
I'll ever know (lord) seen the sun from here

D     G              A   D              G
   And oh, as I fade away  they'll all look at me
And say
                 D               G           A
And they'll say, hey look at him, i'll never live that way
          G  D                         A   G  D  G  A 
But thats ok, Their just afraid of change

  A      A4  A  A2  A  A2  G      G
When you feel      life ain't worth livin
                     D                G
You've gotta to stand up and take a look arounds you
Then a look way up to the sky yeah
     A                           G
And when your deepest thoughts are broken
        D                                G
Keep on dreamin boy, cause when you stop dreamin
Its time to die

D       G              A
And as we play the darts of tomorrow
D           G                         A
Some ways will work and other ways we'll play
D                       G          A
 But I know we can't all stay here forever
                G       D                   A
So I want to write my words on the face of today

And then they'll paint it
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Outros vídeos desta música
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