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Frank Turner

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: C

E |---0-0-----0-0---0-0-----|
B |---1-1-----1-1---1-1-----|
G |---2-2-----2-2---2-2-----|
D |---2-2-0h2-2-2---2-2-----|
A |-0-------------0---------|
E |---------------------0-3-|

Am                                   D
The first girl that I fell for was a fair and faithful fighter
    G                                  Am
She smouldered with a will to save the world
I did my best to help her, yeah I stood shoulder to shoulder
       G                             Am
On the front lines with my visionary girl

I wish that she had cared for me
But in the end her ideologies
C            C/B             Am
Occupied the fortress of her heart
            Dm                            G
I wrote her 15 songs, but still we had to part

       F             F7
And if music was the food of love
     C        C/B    Am    Am/G
Then I'd be a fat romantic slob
     F           F/G               C
Well music, it's my substitute for love

Am                                       D
The last girl that I loved was a low and lusty liar
    G                                  Am
who set my heart on fire and made me choke.
Her beauty was a sight to see, but she didn't save it all for me.
       G                             Am
I found other fires by following the smoke.

I wished that she had either cared
      G                       C
for me or let me be but she drove me
         C/B           Am
from my mind and from my home
            Dm                          G
I wrote her sixteen songs but ended up alone.

       F             F7
If love is really all that we need
     C           C/B        Am            Am/G
then even all my singing is never going to save me
     F           F/G      C
Music is my substitute for love.

Am                           G               F      C
Well I've had many different girls inside my bed
Am              G             F
But only one or two inside my head
             Dm           C             G
These days I cuddle up to my guitar instead

    F                F7
But oh, what I would give
        C             C/B          Am       G
not to stumble but to really fall in love
    F                                 F/G                             C
And I could substitute my singing for the sound of someone sleeping next to me.
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