Cifra Club

Linda Paloma

Jackson Browne

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: G
Intro: (G) D7 C G {pause} 
        D7                                            C                  G 
At the moment the music began, and you heard the guitar player starting sing 
        D7                                              C             G 
You were filled with the beauty that ran, through what you were imagining 
 C                             Em                               D7 
Dreaming of scenes from those songs of love, I was the endless sky 
                 C      G 
And you were my Mexican dove. 
       D7                                                   C            G 
Now the music that played in your ears, grows a little bit fainter each day 
       D7                                                         C         G 
And you find yourself looking through tears, at the love you feel slipping away 
  C                                                Em 
Though it's not the kind, of love you might hope to find 
                           D7                       C                G 
If tears could release the heart, from the shadows preferred by the mind 
Interlude: (G) D7 C G x 2 
       D7                                               C               G 
Like a wind that comes up in the night, caressing your face while you sleep 
          D7                                                   C        G 
Love will fill your eyes with the sight, of a world you can't hope to keep 
 C                      Em                                       D7 
Dreaming on after that moment's gone, the light in your lover's eyes 
                   C            G                     C 
Disappears in the light of the dawn, but the morning brings, strength to your 
          Em                          Bm                        Em 
restless wings, and some other lover sings to the sun's bright corona, 
 {pause}        D7              C     G      (G) D7 C G 
I know all about these things, Linda Paloma. 
      D7          G     G Em D7 G 
Fly away...Linda Paloma.
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