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I'd love you to want me


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Tom: A#
Verse 1:

When I saw you standing there
I about fell off my chair
                           Eb    F
When you moved your mouth to speak
I felt the blood go to my feet

Verse 2:

Now it took time for me to know
What you tried so not to show
Something in my soul just cried
I see the want in your blue eyes

Chorus :
Bb                      Cm
Baby, I'd love you to want me
The way that I want you
The way that it should be
Bb                      Cm
Baby, you'd love me to want you
The way that I want to
        F               Bb
If you'd only let it be

You told yourself years ago
You'd never let your feelings show
The obligation that you made
For the title that they gave

Repeat chorus
Repeat verse 2
Repeat chorus
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    Composição: Kent LaVoie / Têtes RaidesColaboração e revisão:
    • Mariana Felin

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