Cifra Club

Running Gun

Marty Robbins

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: D
D                                 G7 
I rode out of Kansas City,going/ south to Mexico 
       A                              G7                   D 
I was/ running dodging danger,left the/ girl that I loved so 
Far behind lay Kansas City and the/ past that I had earned 
         A                                  G7               D 
Twenty/ notches on my six gun marked the/ lessons I had learned 
       G7                            D 
Many times I sold my fast gun for a/ place to lay my head 
          G7                              D                  A 
Till the/ nights began to haunt me by the/ men that I lay dead 
          D                            G7 
Couldn't/ stand it any longer with the/ life that I'd begun 
      A                             G7               D 
So I/ said good-bye to Jeannie and/ became a running gun 
I rode into Amarillo as the sun sank in the west 
    A                               G7                   D 
My thoughts in Kansas City and the girl that I love best 
As I smiled and kissed her gently and then turned around to go 
          A                               G7              D 
Said I'd send for her to meet me when I reached old Mexico 
G7                                   D 
I had barely left the saddle and my foot just touched the ground 
        G7                                  D                 A 
When a cold voice from the shadows told me not to turn around 
         D                              G7  
Said he new about my fast gun,new the price paid by the law 
               A                     G7                  D 
Challenged by a bounty hunter,so I turned around to draw 
  D                                  G7 
I knew someday I'd meet him for his hand like lightning flashed 
    A                                 G7                D 
My own gun stayed in leather as his bullet tore it's path 
As my strength was slowly fading,I could see him walk away 
       A                               G7                 D 
And I knew that where I lie today,he to must lie some day 
G7                                       D 
Now my strength is slowly fading and my eyes are growing dim 
And my thoughts return to Jeannie 
        D                       A 
and the home that we had planned 
Oh please tell her won't you mister 
that she's still the only one 
       A                               G7                 D 
But a woman's love is waisted when she loves a running gun
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