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Spirit Of The West

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: A

                              Spirit of the West
                              album:  Labour Day
       (this also appears on Go Figure, but it is a bit different)
        transcribed by Tim Campbell

A                    Asus2
I was tired of being put right down by my
self for not being what you thought you had found
A              Asus2
Pulled hard in two directions by a
desire to learn and my old affections
A                        Asus2
When I tried to share my world with you
you could not seem to tolerate the
A             Asus2
people I have grown to love
They shrank under your scrutiny, became the ones you'd hate, why did


        A           Asus2
        everything, every little thing, every little thing with you and
        me have to be so political
        A           Asus2
        Everything, every little thing, every little thing with you and
        D            D    A        ( Asus2  D   D   A   Asus2  D  A  E )*
        me had to be so political

                * (fill not played before third verse)

A                      Asus2
I was feeling a little underwhelmed about
hanging 'round with you and feeling over-cautious
A                                         Asus2
Every word, every little look, every little sign, every little
phrase put me deeper in your doghouse
A                       Asus2
You'd let me out to run across your world, I
ran into a wall, you told me I built it then you'd
A                   Asus2
Reel me in, ream me out, pick me up, push me
out again, and then repeat, why did

E                                  D
Too busy tripping on my tongue, to try and stand my ground
      E                                          D
I can still see myself crying in your lap asking you

"Are you happy with the man you have found?"


A       Asus2   D       D  (repeated 4 times)

A                         Asus2
I'm grateful for what you did for me
I can see things now I never would have seen
      A                        Asus2
And today I thought about what could have been but could
Never be for you and me because

     "Don't dwell on what has passed away
      Or what is yet to be."
                                            -L. Cohen
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