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Verse 1:
Hey i'm not ashamed it's 1-1-6, my crew cliqued up 40 deep with this
Repentant sinners who done caught a glimpse of the blood-stained banner by recompense
Out of love for the father i'm a represent from the island of samoa to the blocks of the bricks
To the dudes in the game with the rocks on they wrist with the glocks on they hip while they poppin the cris
But dog it's the people dying from lack of this information, i figured everybody would flock to the rock of ages
Especially when they find out we serve a god that's so gracious, but ain't nobody talking the brethren seem complacent
Born in sin we all is dog, like adam we fallin dog, yet and still he's callin dog and sometimes we be stallin dog
And we run like a athlete at a track meet in a packed heat when it's packed deep like a back seat yellin catch me like a taxi on a back street but the fact be we the black sheep
Yet god chooses us to save us main, pull us out and rep his name cause through jesus he pleases to use us as his vessels main
Cats who wanna walk it and talk it, teach it and preach it, they love it, they live it, they'll go where ever to reach them

Hook (2x):
We kingdom people, the remnant of repentant cats that would rep the lord
Bond servants for his service who live to expect the lord
We live to bless the lord, cuz we confess the lord
Truthfully all we ever needed was just the lord

Verse 2:
In the midst of this disaster bruh he calling for ambassadors to hit the strip with a clique spit truth on how he didn't pass the cup
But how he took the wrath for us and out of love he asked for us, but we ignore and pass him up for the life of the night that's blasphemous
Despite the fact sin's hazardous somehow it keeps on grabbing us, attracting us, then taxing us and before we know it it masters us
Man how does this happen bruh? we never do plan on acting up, but could it be you're lacking love for the lord and staying practiced up
We're in a war like maximus and discipline builds your character, the typical way you should live life so men see christ when they stare at ya
No hocus pocus magic wands, no one cares you're the pastor's son, persevere through the trials of this life that's how we're approved, pass it on
There's no time to be complacent, let hope be your motivation, that's enough to spark a movement even in incarceration
On campus or in the hood, stop lamping off in the cut, learn the word and spit it bruh, man it's time we step it up


Verse 3:
Hey first thing first dog jesus lives, heaven ya'll you bet it's real, rep him til we dead and still or at least until the nets are filled
This is for my people in the church chilling all my kingdom people stand up, man it's time we hold it down and live it
Come on dog cause we christians man there's a war and we missing we living slack on our mission and if you knew your position, dog you'd be out representing
Holding your bible and track yellin revival is back, on the block in the hood, boondocks in the woods, spitting truth not idling back
Jesus he died for us dog come on we gotta trust god, peter was bold in the spirit and watched 3000 trust god
And that same spirit we got him let's put the cross on a move, they should see more than a building let's get up out of the pews
Hope this is guiding your views, god's with us: emmanuel, if you with us rep him well and if you not time will tell
Dog i don't play with no fraud, dog i don't play cause it's hard, rep his love rep his grace, shake this place down for the lord


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  • maxwell gomes

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