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Time And Space


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Time and space, percussion and bass
The whole world's moving at a blindin' pace
Life's a card game, tryin' to hold the ace
See you might get erased in this great paper chase

Open up your brain cavity, gravity pulls my direction
Got somethin' to say plus the trom like Dr Bombay
You goin' my way 'cos life is just like a highway
Ya either with me or not 'cos SS blows the spot
Through the roof of your club or the back of your shack
Sinister V's on attack no matter what you pack
A different species of ill MCs them G's gotcha box on 10
In your mix tape blend
You can philosophise, see my plans' to make my fam rise
Put some bread on the table in a house that's stable
Ain't nothin' changed but dimes and quarters, you know the
I sting international style when I'm buckwild


I shake the house down with sound
Some say it's ridiculous, some they sleep on this
Bound to hit 'em dead centre, not the best but not the worst
Sahdeeq'll hit 'em with a verse of flavour
Catch it now take it home, think about it later
I rock for brothers in Pintos to Mazeratis
Hotties with thick bodies, drinking nectar in the shady sector
in the summer
I catch a flow like a canoe going down the river
Pass them snakes that slither
Deliver realness in any words I spit
Legit vocalist straight from the abyss
To my peeps across the globe I say peace
And that's the absence of all confusion, just cruisin'


You could camouflage the truth but it still comes through in
what you do
B after A and you'll C
Write rhymes for peeps on the street not what the company
thinks, just finance
So I could shake the dance like wet pants
You had a hit once but now you rock the dunce cap
'Cos you don't know nothin' about where this form began
Got you all in check like whoo hah, shut down all the hoopla
You now wanna come back like you're really my pal
But I peeped your whole style, defecate on your pile
Top of your heap leavin' your whole crew cheap
Lost for words, I breathe thoughts never heard by man
Foil ya plan and disappear in the sands of

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  • Roger moreira

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