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Love Lockdown Remix


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

I said... it sound like robot going through puberty

I´m in love with shoes, Nikes hour boost
back in 92' like you had in juice

Y'all are fuckin fools, sing like doctor Zeuss
but boost need a deuce, you just produce

Rock that auto-tuner,
thought you´d stop it sooner

Yo you ain't a computer,
you ain't from the future,
and you ain't got a tumor,
so why you do to your voice shit to make you sound stupider

If you walk on the moon, I moon walk on Jupiter
stay true to the game, or people gonna boo at cha

Do what cha like, but shut off your mic or ruin ya
apathy will rip a rapper in two then I´m threw with ya

A couple motha fuckas wanna hate cause I´m white
but they never rocked a mic, a single day in their life

On the internet ya, up in the ap aiint rappin?
they say they gonna see me, but that'll never happen

Never ever happen, you can just imagine
sit at your computer, while my money stay stackin

So you say I suck, and ya talk shit
but you listen to me, your on my dick

Yaaaa hahaha apathy, Big Mike, white on white crimes,
we'll fuck you up man.. hip hop, rap, got it locked down,
fly kicks, fly chicks we got it locked down yo Kanye sing me that funny voice man

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So keep your love locked down
Your love locked down
Keepin' your love locked down
Your love locked down
Now keep your love locked down
Your love locked down
Now keep your love locked down
You lose

I dare one person out there to kill this shit like I killed it..
probably not... but just in case

Better get ya berreta ready, and load it with metal,
the minute a midi? Admit it can´t get on my level

A veteren ready to rid em, with em one at the mill,
a little kid on ridilin who's tongue covered the pill

Stand back for a second and study the real
hold the sword to the sky and ill summon the skill

So hot when I rock, needed someone to chill
all of the sudden the son of Sam's comin' to kill

Gotta whole lotta mothafuckas on my dick
that spit, gossip, ain't that a bitch?

Cause if I had a dime for every single time
that y'all pop shit, then I´d be rich

[Apathy talks]
Man I remember the first heard I heard that funny ass voice shit
that uh T-pain voice that, Kanye and Weezy and them use

It was on that song uhhh way back by Cher
and it ain't been in her vocals like that, like this

[Kanye sings chorus in the background]
[Apathy still talking]
Hahahaha.. I´m surprised their not sick of it already
whatever though, keep that shit locked down, you lose, you lose

Apathy, demigodz, you lose mothafucker, I did it, too late
their not gonna go after this

Big mike, white on white crime, Connecticut, 860, 203
ya.. yo for real hahahahahah
shout out to Celph Titled for uh auto-tunin my vocals

Ya I kinda like this song man, a lot of people hated it
Kanye did it better on the vma's hahahaha

Stop that shit

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