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Country Girl Angel

Ben Atkins Band

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: G
G  Em  D  C  G  Em  D  C 
G                  D/F# 
Girl you sure look good tonight 
             Em                   C 
I think I'll take you to town and show you a good time 
     G                          D/F# 
Well I never thought you?d even talk to me 
  Em                         C  
I still can?t believe you?re mine 
    G                         D/F#  
I remember the first time you came to see me 
   Em                         C 
We sat on the front porch and drank iced tea 
  G                    D/F# 
I always knew that I'd meet you one day 
    Em                               C  
But I never thought it would be this way 
               G            Em  
Aww, My little country girl angel 
D                        C 
You're the most precious thing 
            G                            Em  
You like to ride around in the middle of nowhere 
    D                         C 
And talk about your long lost dreams 
          G            Em 
My little country girl angel 
             D                     G  
I think I'll take you to the Dairy Queen 
Down at the spillway fishin' all day  
Out on the little Wichita 
You looked at me and I gave you a smile 
My mouth was full of Red Man chaw 
Said let's head for the sunset 
It'll be my treat 
Stop by the Sonic and grab a bite to eat 
And then we?ll go to the lake if you know what I mean 
We'll turn on some music and dance to Pat Green 
I've dated women from all around this state 
But they ain't nothing like you 
The look in your eyes and the chicken you fry 
I don't know what you do 
You like to look at the stars late at night 
You like to drive thru the mud in a 4 wheel drive 
You can skin a deer and you like to shoot a gun 
Ain't no other women in the world ever been so much fun 
And you don't mind drinkin, and you don't mind smoke 
And you always laugh at all my stupid jokes 
Your in church every Sunday you got your life straight 
You never minded opening the gate 
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