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Instant Street


Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: G
G C Em D C

  /         3 times           \


                 G                                          C
You're probably right, seen from your side, that I've been lucky
    Em                   D         C
but I've been meaning to crack all week.
              G                                         C
Yes I've been involved, it never resolved into anything shocking.
Em                       D          C
Pains playing yoyo in my body as we speak.

D                            C                  D
And now I found something to look for, ...but I can't decide,
       C                      Am                             F
'Cause I might find that to stroll behind is better than to score.
Just like I did before.

               G                                      C
It wouldn't be true, not towards you, to say that I'm staying.
        Em                       D                    C
When on every single impulse, on every other move I react.
                  G                                             C
'Cause in any old creek, with changing technique, you'll see me playing.
      Em                    D
After any old motherfucking blow I'll be back.

G         Em                Bm
We turned away from instant stuff
             Bm                  F#m
our cracking codes were breaking up
               A                       D
our words were sucked out it made them clean.
G          Em
And after lowness say it
Bm                        F#m
and after more let it be known
               A                   D
Our codes are grown into something mean.

                G                                        C
You're probably right, as for tonight, you're making me nervous.
Em                  D        C
What is it you want me to be thinking of?
              G                                                C
I'll put on a movie, I'll play something groovy as a matter of service
         Em               D                    C
And I'll chuckle when you smile as a matter of love.
           Em                D                  C
'Cause you know it's not my style to be giving up now.
         Em             D
And this pain in my side, I had enough.

G           Em             Bm
This time I go for Instant Street
              Bm         F#m           A           D
This life's a soulless excuse for all abuse and parenthesis.
    G          Em              Bm
The flyspecked windows and the stinking lobbies
Bm        F#m          A             D
they'll remain all the same, all the same.

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