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Over (Remix) [feat. Yo Gotti & Trey Songz]

Dru Hill

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

[Chorus: ~Drake~]
I know way too many people here right now that I didn't know last year*
Who the fuck are y'all
I swear it feels like the last few nights we've been everywhere and back
But I just can't remember it all
What am I doing, what am I doing
Oh yeah that's right, I'm doing me, I'm doing me
I'm living life right now man
And this what I'm do til it's over
Til it's over, it's far from over

[Verse 1: ~Drake~]
Alright, bottles on me
Long as I'm a drink it
Never drop the ball, fuck y'all thinking
Making sure the young money ship is never sinking
Bout to set it off in this bitch Jada Pinkett
I shouldn't have drove, tell me how I'm getting home
You too fine to be laying down in bed alone
I can teach you how to speak my language Rosetta stone
I swear this life is like the sweetest thing I've ever known
Got to go thriller Mike Jackson on these niggas
All I need is a fucking red jackets with some zippers
Super good smidoke a package of the swishas
I did it over night, it couldn't happen any quicker
Y'all know them, but fuck it me either
But point the biggest skeptic out I'll make them a believer
It wouldn't be the first time I've done it throwing hundreds
When I should be throwing ones bitch I run it ahh,

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 2:]
One thing bout music when it hits you feel no pain
And I swear I got this shit that makes these bitches go insane
So they tell me that they love me I know better than that it's just game
It's just what comes from fame
And I'm ready for that I'm just saying
I really can't complain, everything is kosher
Two thumbs up, ebert and roeper
I really can't see the end getting any closer
But I'll probably still be the man when everything is over
So I'm riding through the city with my high beams on
Can you see me can you see me get your visine on
Y'all just do not fit the picture
Turn your widescreen on
If you thinking I'm a quit before I die dream on
Man they treat me like a legend
Am I really this cold
I'm really too young to be felling this old
It's about time you admit it who you kidding man
Nobody's ever done it like I did it


[Verse 3: Yo Gotti]
Get yo money my nigga don't change up and stay a real Nigga foeva
Till it's over
Niggaz fu#k a couple Bit#$*s get a couple chains
Go buy a couple cars when dey think they ain't da same
[ Dru Hill Lyrics are found on ]
You got da whole world fooled homie you should be ashamed
Speak like a gangster but he so lame
Front me show me bricks and I'll take em'
North Memphis raised jus as gutta as they make em'
Live from da kitchen I'm jus doing my thang Free hip hop keep yo head up wayne
Cocaine musik Nigga what da fuck you thought it was set da record straight cause I don't know
What dez Niggaz thought it was
Pu$$y azz Niggaz threw water on da stage But I don't need sucurity cause we all got K's
TTTTTT Dat's a murda case Beep den da bud got made say da crowd ain't jumpin' if da king
Don't come Car show king Missin' out aisle 1

[Chorus: Yo Gotti]
I know way to many Haters hear right now that I Didn't know last year
Who da Fu#k are ya'll
I swear I misplaced a last hunneth stacks can't remember what I bpugth but it's hard to keep coutin
It all
Wat am I Doin
What Am I Doin
OH Yeah dat's right I'm doin me I'm Stayin G
I'm Livin' Life right now mane
And I'm a stay real till it's over it's over Till it's far from ova

[talking: Trey Songz]
When I first heard this shit (C'mon)
I told Drake it shoulda been called, over for these other niggas
Yeahhh, (haha) It's my turn

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
I know way too many people mad right now
'Cause I made a lot of cash here
Get up off my balls
I swear feels like the past few years
I done pass my peers but I just can't remember 'em all
What am I doin', what I am doin'

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
Oh yeah that's right I'm doin' amazin'
I'm fucking amazin'
I'm gettin' mine right now man
You niggas had a run but it's over, said it's over
I tried to tell ya

[Verse 4 Trey Songz]
Ay, father I'm at awe, of everything you give to me
Praying negativity will never ever live in me
Ain't nobody wrote mine, ain't nobody co-signed
'member hanging clothes on my Aunt Felicia clothes line
'member telling hoes I'm a blow cause of my dope rhyme
Coulda never told I'd be singing when it's showtime
Solar eclipse back when son got no shine
5 years later I arrive, no time
I been nuts, it's just nobody rode mine
Got my own lane now, shit the whole road's mine
I feel HOV at his best, blueprint
I'm heel-toes at they neck, shoe print
Peep the way I kick it, like a sneaker to the beat
R.I.P. like the Reaper took the beat
Instrumental killer, desert eagle to the beat
See, I'm stronger than the strongest so the weak will never eat (ay)

[Chorus: Trey Songz]

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