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Perfect Time

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: F

I play the chorus like this (it's easier on guitar), but you can
use the "full" chords as well if you want to:
  F   Am/e  Dm


- Jazz Trumpet -

Chords in the intro are:

F - Bb x3   and then   F - C7      (C7 is simplified for guitar)

(All chords are played for 2 beats each unless otherwise noted)

F         Am         Gm          C
What is a cold blooded mad man to do
         F               Am           Gm           C
With a smile across his teeth and attached full of goo
        Dm              Am      Bb          F
And it cuts through my junk and smash up my eyes
     Dm           C              Gm (x2)
And sings like a song before you die


F          Am/E       Dm       Bb
Sunny day shooting breakfast bedheadings
Gm       Gmadd9/F#  Bb/F   C
Lunchtime wartime armaggedon
F    Am/E    Dm (x2)
God tell me what to do
        Gm (x2)          C (x2)
It's a perfect time for love

[Verse 2]

F       Am    Gm      C
Never a punk smile so wide
F          Am     Gm          C
Never have teeth sing so much sky
         Dm          Am      Bb          F
And it smash up my junk and screws up my eyes
        Dm           C              Gm (x2)
And it sings like a song before you die

[Chorus 2]

F            Am/E    Dm       Bb
Mountaintop chokings afternoon rapists
Gm        Gmadd9/F#  Bb/F   C
primetime wartime I can't take it
F    Am/E    Dm (x2)
God tell me what to do
   Gm (x2)     C (x2)
Is it time for love?


D7 (x2)        D7/F#
Whatever colors you wear
       Gm    Gmadd9/F#  Bb/F   C
They are gonna bleed someday
        F    Am/E  Dm (x2)
Some    rainbow   day
             Gm (x2)     C (x2)
We'll have the perfect time

[Interlude] (verse chords in the key of G):
G   Bm   Am   D
G   Bm   Am   D
Em  Bm   C    G
Em  D    Am   Am

[Chorus 3]

G         Bm/F#    Em       C
Skipping hugging laughing singing
Am      Amadd9/G#   C/G     D
Dancing romancing spinning singing
G     Bm/F#   Em (x2)
God tell me what to do
        Am (x2)    D (x2)
It's a perfect time for love
     G    C    G    C     G     D7      (like the intro, only in the key of G)
With you
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