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The Four Tops

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: F#
(intro) Eb

  People are searching for
B                       Bb         Db
   The kind of love that we possess
Some go on
   Searching their whole life through
B           Abm       A      Bb         [N.C.]
   And never find the love I found in you

(chorus 1)
Gb/Db               Ebm
And when I speak of you
 Abm7              Abm7/Db Abm/Db
I see envy in other men's eyes
Gb/Db   Ebm
And I'm well aware
         Abm7           Abm7/Db Abm/Db
Of what's on their mind
Abm7           Gb/Bb
They pretend to be my friend
    Dbsus4                Db
When all the time (sweet Bernadette)
Abm7     Gb/Bb           Dbsus4                Db
They long to persuade you from my side (sweet Bernadette)
       Abm7               Bbm
They'd give the world and all they own
   Dbsus4           Db
For just one moment we have known

(verse 2)
They want you because
Of the pride that it gives
But Bernadette
I want you because
I need you to live

(chorus 2)
But while I live  only to hold you
Some other men, they long to control you
But how can they control you, Bernadette (sweet Bernadette)
When they cannot control themselves, Bernadette (sweet Bernadette)
From wanting you, needing you
But darling

(verse 3)
You belong to me
I tell the world
You belong to me, I tell the world
You're the soul of me
I tell the world
You're a part of me, Bernadette

Gb            Bmaj7                     Ebm
In your arms I find the kind of peace of mind
                       Bb  Bdim
The world is searching for
    Gb                  Bmaj7                      Ebm
But you, you give me the joy this heart of mine has always
Been longing for

(chorus 3)
In you I have what other men are longing for
All men need someone to worship and adore
That's why I treasure you and place you high above
For the only joy in life is to be loved
So whatever you do, Bernadette

(verse 3) [partial]
Keep on lovin' me
         B         Abm A  Bb
Keep on needin' me,        Bernadette
(Bb) [N.C.]

(verse 4)
You're the soul of me
More than a dream, you're clear to me
And Bernadette
You mean more to me
Than a woman was ever meant to be

 Eb                         Dbadd9
Bernadette, my darling Bernadette [fade]
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