Cifra Club

The Times You've Come

Jackson Browne

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: F
F F9 F F9  F F9 Bb 
       F          F9 
In the time we've known, 
F       F9         F           Fsus 
That we each are a part of one another 
Bb            C7              F F9  F F9 Bb 
We've lost as much as we have won 
Bb          F         F9 
And as our lives have grown, 
F        F9           F              Fsus 
We have found that it only brings us pain 
    Bb            C7                  Dm    C7 
To hang on to the things that we have done 
                                  F    F F9 F F9 Bb 
Still I've loved the times you've come 
         F    F9 
When you went away 
F      F9         F              Fsus 
Taking all that I built my false road on^? 
  Bb                  C7                F  F9 F F9 Bb 
I dropped my life and couldn't find the pieces 
    F            F9 
Now you come and go 
F        F9         F                Fsus 
And it's hard but I feel my strength returning 
Bb            C7                Dm 
We'll see how far this new road reaches 
C7                                   F 
We'll see a little more each time we come 
Bb                C7                F 
Everybody's gonna tell you it's not worth it 
Bb                C7                 Dm 
Everybody's gotta show you their own pain 
Bb               C7               F 
You might try to find your way up around it 
Bb                                 C7 
But the need for love will still remain 
          F     F9 
Now we're lying here, 
F  F9          F                 Fsus 
So safe in the ruins of our pleasure 
Bb                 C7                  F   F F9 F F9 Bb 
Laughter marks the place where we have fallen 
    F             F9 
And our lives are near 
F              F9             Fsus 
So it wouldn't occur to us to wonder 
Bb                      C7             Dm     C7 
Is this the past or the future that is calling 
C7                                     F 
You know I've loved these times you've come 
F F9  F F9 Bb     F F9 F F9 Bb F 
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