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Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

(Mobile phone ring tone introdution)

I see your album on the billboard
Your voice on TRL
We haven't spoken since the spring time
You got my number in your cell
I remember all the sweet times
It wasn't very long ago
And now you gon' and hit the big time
I don't wanna let you go

I want you (you)
To talk to (to)
You know im missing you so much
I wanna hear your voice ( wanna hear your voice)
Baby keep in touch
(call me)

Call me anytime
I've got you on my mind
(my heart is on the line) my heart is on the line
call me, call me
I want you to be mine
call me anytime
I'm waiting on the line (oh baby on the line)
baby one more time (baby one more, baby one more)
I want you to be mine (want you to be mine)

(mobile phone ring tone)
I've know you've got my number
Im waiting
call me anytime

I aint fighting with nobody else
Its hard to break it down to real (to real)
Don't wanna put my heart on the shelf
I dont think I have to tell you how I feel ( to feel)
hope to see you round the way soon
Not just ina magazine
Get back to where we left of
And wake me from this dream


Call me anytime (be your all)
Im waiting on the line (ohhhhh)
I want you to be mine (be yours)
Call me anytime


(Mobile phone ringtone outro)

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