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I'm Not Jesus


Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: G
[ A  Bb     G ] x6

A                           Bb G
Don't wear a crown of thorns
Got no holes in my head
Don't accuse me of that crime
Don't hang me up to dry

D        D#
It's not me
It's not me
It's not me

[ D  D# ]

Don't wanna die for your sins
Got no special powers
Sacrifice and sacrilege
Hey man, I wanna live

   D   D#  C D
   I'm not Jesus
   I can't heal you

[ A    Bb  G ] x2

Taste my blood it doesn't taste like wine
Can't you see this cross isn't mine 
Judas must die for what he has done 
Satan's watching With his gun

It's not me...

[ D  D# ]

Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Say your prayers-it's your only hope
Twelve apostles can't help you now
I'll be back to stake my ground

   I'm not Jesus...

   I'm not Jesus...

[ A  Bb     G ] x6

Don't wear a crown of thorns...

   I'm not Jesus...

   I'm not Jesus...
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    Composição: Dee Dee Ramone / Joey Ramone / Johnny Ramone / Tommy Ramone Colaboração e revisão:
    • Aerson Moreira

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