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Salute To A Switchblade

Tom T. Hall

Cifra: Versão 2 (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: C
Me and Yates an army buddy of mine

     F                    G7             C
Were doing three years in Germany at the time

We came upon these Frauleins in the bar

           F                G7                 C
Yates said darf isch zee be-gleit-en they said ya

    G7                              C
And darf isch zee be-gleit-en means can we sit with you all

Oh we must have drunk ten quarts of German beer

   F                 G7           C
My conscience and my sinuses were clear

I asked that Fraulein if she was a spy

         F           G7             C
She said nein but do bis ain bissel high

     G7                         C
A condition not uncommon to the American soldier

Well later on I went to be excused

     F            G7           C
When I returned I was a bit confused

Yates and his Fraulein had hit the air

        F       G7            C
Another guy was sitting in my chair

  G7                          C
A young soldier whom we shall get to know better

I said excuse me Mister that's my seat

    F               G7              C
I'd like to have it back sir if you please

That girl's a nurse and I've been awful sick

    F                G7          C
The man looked up at me and said mox-nix

      G7                              C
Which means that he was not overly concerned with my health

Next thing I knew he had a switchblade knife

     F                  G7               C
Lord I didn't know that Fraulein was his wife

I took off through that Gasthaus like a fool

       F          G7           C
Behind me I heard the crashing stools

       G7               C
As the police would say he was in hot pursuit

Well the waitress yelled there's MPs on the way

       F               G7               C
That's one more reason I didn't want to stay

As I went out the window something went swish
      F               G7                  C
And I giggled all the way home knowing he missed

   G7                        C
At the time it seemed like a laughing matter

But next morning my coat was lying there on the bunk

    F               G7              C
And when I saw that coat it made me jump

That man had cut my coat right down the back

  F                   G7                     C
A little bit more and they'd been playing me taps

    G7                             C
And knowing the sad nature of that song I would decline it

Well later on I heard that guy got stabbed

     F                 G7                  C
They sent him home and didn't that make me glad

On love and marriage I want to say one thing

   F              G7                C
Oh lady if you're married wear that ring

        G7                    C
And the army has a new policy if you can't move it paint it

C                             G7
If it has a switchblade knife salute it

Not necessarily an incident one would want to write Mother about

G7                         C
Germany being full of good soldiers good people
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